Monday, April 15, 2013

Update on my fitness routine

I've been doing really well with my running lately and I've been excited to post about it. Then today, when I heard about the explosions at the Boston Marathon, I couldn't decide whether or not to post about my measly few miles. It seems so insignificant. But, I decided to post anyway.

I went to college in Boston and have extremely fond memories of Marathon Monday. We used to have parties that went all night, ending with breakfast at a friend's apartment who lived on the 25 mile line of the marathon. We'd sit outside and cheer on all the runners. I remember the weather being beautiful, spending time with my friends, and feeling a great sense of community. Marathon Monday was like a magical day in Boston for me. What happened today makes me so incredibly sad and angry. I dont understand why people do things like this. I feel so awful for the victims. I cant imagine what they are going through. I listened to NPR my whole hour-plus way home from work today and they were doing a great job with coverage, but there are still so many unanswered questions and it's really upsetting.

Anyway, I wont dwell.  I just had to get that out.

As for me, I've been running. :) A couple of months ago I signed up for a 5K, which is on this coming Saturday in NYC.  This was a big step for me, because I've tried to get into running before, with little success. I think that actually signing up for a 5K was really helpful for me. It gave me great motivation. I really have only had time to train on the weekends, but even with that, I've been doing great. Improving every week, for sure. This past Saturday I actually had my best run ever - I ran 3.38 miles without stopping! My first mile was 10 minutes and 3 seconds, my second was a bit slower, and my third was a bit slower. My average pace for the whole run was 10:29 which is way better than I thought I would be able to do at this point. So I'm really happy! I'm not sure if I'll run that fast during the race, since I'm running with friends and I definitely cannot keep up a conversation at that pace. We are really doing the race for fun, and to do it together, so I'm not going to try and beat that time or anything. I will probably sign up for another race later on this summer though, and run that one alone and see how I do!

So like I said, I haven't been able to run more than once a week, but most weeks I've been able to squeeze in Jillian Michael's 30-day shred. It's short - only 20 minutes, so there are kind of no excuses. It's a great routine though - running on weekends and doing a whole body workout during the week. I feel great and I love that I'm getting stronger! Just in time for summer, too!

Tonight for dinner I'm making a yellow lentil soup, roasted brussel sprouts and some quinoa. I'll also bring that for lunch tomorrow to work. Nice healthy start to the week.

Hug your loved ones tonight, friends. I know I will. Lots of extra love to anyone reading this in Boston. xo <3

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  1. What happened to Boston Marathon was a real tragedy and emotionally painful to everyone. But I'm glad that you still continue to run despite hearing this news. Anyway, you have a nice routine – running during weekends and a 20-minute workout throughout the week sounds tough. I'm sure before summer comes, you already achieved your target goal. Have fun!

    ..Mathias Michelakis..